The Spring Watering Can Takes Formal Cues from the Organisms it Nourishes

 - Jul 31, 2012
References: & designspotter
If I could start fresh and afford it, every object in my home would be made with the same clever functionality and imaginative form as the Spring Watering Can. It is an utter delight to look at, and I'm sure, an absolute pleasure to use.

Different from the conventional shape of the flower bed douser, Robert Bronwasser's design has no immediately recognizable spout or handgrip and it takes the unusual conical silhouette of a scientific flask. Viewing it from the top reveals that the two tree branch-like offshoots of the pitcher have open ends, enabling them to receive H2O from the faucet and dispense it as well. The Smool and Goods Spring Watering Can can be held by one of these soft boughs or gripped around the neck of the bottle.