Researchers Develop Spray-On Solar Ink for Rooftops

 - Nov 10, 2009
References: green.venturebeat & news.discovery
It’s hard to convince the average person to replace their regular shingles for solar power panels, but with researchers like professor Brian Korgel of the University of Texas, Austin who are developing spray-on solar ink, the popularity of solar power could signficantly increase.

The spray-on solar ink is a concept created by Korgel and his research team in the hopes of making it more simple and less expensive to convert one’s roof into an eco-friendly one. Korgel provides a description of the solar ink:

We’re coming up with a cheap way to make solar cells. Right now, the way they’re made is in expensive, vacuum processes, using high temperature. And what we’re trying to do is develop essentially an ink or a paint that you can simply spread on a substrate at room temperature or under a heat lamp that will then work as a solar cell.