Boston Dynamics' SpotMini Has 3D Vision Cameras for Obstacle Avoidance

 - Dec 8, 2017
References: roboticstrends
Boston Dynamics' SpotMini was first introduced in 2016 and since then, it has undergone enough changes for the engineering and robotics design company to unveil "the new SpotMini."

While the first version of the SpotMini was created with an industrial body and an additional manipulator arm coming out of the top of its body, the new and improved SpotMini features a plastic-covered body encased in a yellow shell and just four legs. The new design also introduces new features, such as 3D vision cameras on the side and back of the robot for the purposes of obstacle avoidance. In terms of movement, the SpotMini robot seems to move much more organically than before, in a way that reminds of the way a real four-legged dog might choose to get around.