A New Algorithm is Making it Easier to Spot the Hipster Online

 - Dec 18, 2013
References: eurekalert.org & fastcodesign
Researchers are working on an algorithm that can help you spot the hipster with a 50% accuracy. The program doesn't just spot hipsters, it can analyze multiple different kinds of urban tribes. The algorithm can identify hipsters, surfers, bikers goths, ravers and other urban social groups.

While playing 'Spot the Hipster' is a fun game to play at your favorite downtown bar on a Friday night, there is a practical reason why this new algorithm my be useful. Being able to identify which social group a person is in online makes it easier to market directly to them.

If the program looks at your pictures and assesses from your clothes, haircut, jewelry and tattoos that you are a surfer, the adds that pop up on your pages will be trying to sell you surfing equipment.