This Decoration Kit Lets You Turn Any Tree into a Scary Looking Creature

 - Sep 14, 2015
References: thinkgeek
Perfect for the Halloween season, or just giving off a creepy vibe in general, this kit turns any piece of greenery into a spooky tree decoration.

Consisting of two plastic arms and a face, this spooky tree kit easily attaches to a tree and transforms it into a life-like decoration. Plastic tabs can be nailed or pinned into the trees to hold the face and limbs into place, and each different piece is also hollow to make decorating simple and easy.

Purchase one for the front yard to ward off trick-or-treaters, or buy a group and create a haunted forest to scare and entertain anyone passing by. Just remember, no matter what anyone says, it doesn't necessarily have to be the Halloween season for you to build your very own personal army of living trees.