Spotify's Sponsored Songs Play on the Service's Free Tier

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: techcrunch
Though Spotify, the massive music streaming service, is among the top two streamers in the music industry, the platform has been plagued with accusations of unfairness toward artists in terms of revenue distribution, so its new 'Sponsored Songs' feature is likely a response to that criticism. The feature lets labels pay to have select songs automatically play while users are listening, increasing the exposure of artists that labels hope to promote.

Spotify's free tier has long had ads that automatically play at regular intervals during a listening session, so the Sponsored Songs feature might be a welcomed change of pace for free users. Still, if the songs are a nuisance for listeners, they currently have the ability to opt out by going to the 'Sponsored Content' tab in their settings. Sponsored Content will not impact Spotify Premium users.