Adult Website Releases Spongeknob Squareknuts

 - Jan 26, 2013
References: youtube & incrediblethings
The world of adult entertainment has parodied several films, but none would think they could ruin one's favorite childhood television shows quite like the Spongeknob Squarenuts adult film parody.

It is bad enough that someone actually wanted to make an adult parody about a child's show about a sponge who lives under the sea but it is made even worse when you take a look at the Sponge Bob look-a-like. The character, who has the same name as the movie, will most likely haunt your dreams as he looks like a creepy living moldy cheese block.

For any of you over-curious individuals out there, Spongeknob Squarenuts is available for free for you viewing pleasure. Here's a warning though: prepare yourself!