The Speleo Modular Caving System is Re-Configurable

 - Jan 19, 2012
References: ep-uk & cribcandy
There are arcades that simulate activities such as driving and shooting and there are even indoor rock climbing areas for people to experience the sport either for fun or serious practice, but the Speleo Modular Caving System offers people the rare chance to discover the fun of spelunking without the fear of actually getting stuck between real rocks.

The Speleo Modular Caving System is a unique creation patented by Entre-Prises in collaboration with the British Caving Association. The customized caving system is completely reconfigurable, boasting quick and non-technical installation. It is comprised of four parts: Linear, Arch, Chamber and Squeeze. The Speleo Modular Caving System can be installed indoors, outdoors, under the ground or even up in the air.