Speed Guard Supervises Your Traveling Stats and Informs of Unlawful Conduct

 - Feb 4, 2013
References: red-dot.sg & yankodesign
In new, streamlined and swift cars, you often don't realize that you're speeding. Motorists could certainly benefit from the installation of the Speed Guard in their powerful vehicles, keeping their velocities in check.

This hi-tech speedometer communicates with satellites to obtain its up-to-date GPS location at all times. Based on this, the system recognizes the particular road on which the automobile is cruising and associates it with the known speed limit in that area.

Zhou Buyi and Gao Fenglin's invention incorporates an LCD screen that displays the kilometers per hour maximum digitally. As the needle moves up and around the Speed Guard, it trails a blue glow when you're driving safely, turning bright red the moment that you exceed the legal limit. An alarm sounds and an attention alert accompanies it, encouraging you to slow down.