The Soundsgood Hearing Aid Tells You When You're Talking Too Loud

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: yankodesign
Designer Tang Peipi's SoundsGood hearing aid is a conceptual sound booster designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Peipi's design has the shape of an earring and features a functional and colorful display.

The SoundsGood hearing aid changes colors to tell you when you're talking too loud or too soft. When the earring is green the voice level is just fine and can be heard without discomfort. Blue means you're speaking too softly; yellow means you're talking too fast and red means you're speaking too loudly.

The SoundsGood hearing aid can also transmit data into your computer to let your doctor know how you're doing. As the population of the world starts to live longer there will be an added need for tech targeted at the elderly. Designers will need to continually develop new and better elderly aids to keep pace with an increasingly tech-savvy group of senior citizens.