Sony Aibo ERS-7M2 $2000 Robotic Dogs

 - Nov 28, 2005
References: pcmag
This is old. And I wouldn't even post it. However, I am still blown away that the hottest toy in Japan continues to be the $2,000+ Sony Aibo robotic dog. Why? Because real dog's are too much maintenance. The Sony Aibo does everything anyway, so why bother with the alergen infested furry dogs that beg for food. But will it lick it's own... never mind. The Sony Aibo will map your room, learn your voice commands, and read your Microsoft Outlook to remind you of appointement. Does your dog do that? I didn't think so. Why? Because you are cheep. Get a robot dog. ;)

The real source sites are in Japanese, so I will provide you with the PC Magazine commentary:

"There is no greater testament to Sony's achievement with the $1,899 (list) Sony AIBO ERS-7M2 entertainment robot than people's responses when it leaves the room. We tested the AIBO in the office and at home, and when it was time to remove it, coworkers and family expressed a sadness usually reserved for living things."