SOLS 24/7 Provides Accessible Education for Youth

 - Feb 24, 2013
Founded in 2000, SOLS 24/7 is a non-governmental organization originating in Cambodia that aims to provide accessible and flexible to education to youth in developing countries. Aside from free education and lodging, English, character, computer and leadership skills, they also focus on nine specific areas for development: attitude, memory, intelligence, scientific thinking, survival, aura and synergy, wisdom, thought power and self-control.

Since its start up, the social enterprise has expanded into numerous countries to offer their educational services including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Laos, to name a few. Nearly 100 percent of the disadvantaged youth have successfully found employment after graduating from the program as well. Whether it is for employment or to start their own business, SOLS 24/7 provides the necessary skills and assistance to help the individuals in need.

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