The GoSun Uses Solar Energy to Cook Meals

 - Oct 11, 2013
References: kickstarter
For those looking for an alternative to burning wood or coals, consider the GoSun, a complete solar-powered cooker that cooks food with sunlight. The GoSun is simple to use, easy to clean and has social and environmental benefits.

The GoSun operates as a portable cooker that can cook a meal in as little as 20 minutes with moderate amounts of sunlight. In 20 minutes the cooker can safely reach up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit is portable, versatile (can cook, boil, bake and fry), fuel free and clean, and works in any season (summer or winter). The unit also keeps food hot for hours after the sun is gone.

The GoSun works by a reflection principle that then heats areas for insulation, which allows for a buildup of heat and the cooking process. Its highly efficient solar power is better than carrying around bulky equipment. Moreover, it can benefit social and environmental causes if taken to other less developed areas around the world (reduce time gathering fuel and making fires and more time for education and development, and so forth).