It’s easy to imagine solar-powered cars or photovoltaic cell panels to deliver electricity to homes, but how about a solar-powered submersible? The Swiss energy company BKW has announced its plans to create a solar-powered submarine, a project they call ‘GOLDFISH.’

Project GOLDFISH is a 30-meter long submarine that can accommodate up to 24 people and descend to depths of 300 meters. GOLDFISH is powered by the floating solar platform you see in the first gallery image; the five satellites that surround the central hub will deliver the solar platform with 30 kilowatts of electricity. The floating platform would serve as a charging station for the GOLDFISH submarine between trips.

A solar-powered shuttle, depicted in the second image, would bring passengers from the shore to the floating solar platform. There, they’d board GOLDFISH for their submarine ride.

BKW’s Project GOLDFISH is now in search of investors.