Solar Power, Inc. Gives Fox's Century City Studios a Green Makeover

 - Mar 2, 2011
References: & gizmag
Twentieth Century Fox has partnered with Solar Power, Inc. to give its Century City Studio an eco-friendly makeover. Solar Power, Inc. recently installed solar panels atop Fox's legendary Building 99.

The remodeling of Building 99's roof was the first step in Fox's Global Energy Initiative, and its first foray into the world of on-site renewable energy. Building 99's roof is now home to many photovoltaic panels with a combined energy output of 158 kilowatts.

Fox has scored a major win in both the business and PR departments thanks to their partnership with Solar Power, Inc. Fox should be able to generate most of their energy needs on-site thanks to their location in sunny southern California. In addition to saving money, Fox should also score some positive karma points in the realm of public opinion for their eco-friendly initiative. I wouldn't be surprised to see Solar Power, Inc. doing some more business in Hollywood sometime soon.