Tomas Seraceno Sends His Solar Bell Sculpture Flying Through the Sky

 - Aug 14, 2013
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Dreaming of a utopian world that floats through the sky, artist and visionary Tomas Saraceno created Solar Bell as a flying structure that ingeniously defies gravity.

Magically surreal, the pyramid sculpture features a simple construction of triangular shapes, with mirrored facets that reflect the sky as it floats up above. Attached to some cables, the flying pyramid is like a giant, whimsical kite that captures the imagination and sparks ideas of a lofty life freed from the constraints of gravity.

Along with the Aerospace Engineering Faculty at TU Delft located in The Netherlands, Saraceno and his team crafted the Solar Bell art installation using lightweight and flexible solar panels as well as carbon fiber tubing so that the structure itself is almost weightless in its design.