This Soil-Free Farm is Small Enough to Fit on Top of a Desk

Caleb Harper has created a desktop-sized box, which houses a miniature soil-free farm. Designed to grown vegetables anywhere in the world, the 'Personal Food Computer' functions as a self-sustaining aeroponic system.

The soil-free farm operates by creating its own weather, which mists the plants inside with water and supplies nutrients to their roots. The tiny farm adjusts the conditions in the box according to a series of smart monitors that track important data about the CO2 concentration, light levels and the humidity. Because it is self-sustaining, the aeroponic system can grow vegetables in any conditions.

What is most innovative about the Personal Food Computer is that it provides all the infrastructure necessary to grow fresh food. Water, power and transportation are all taken care of, meaning this system can be used to grow food nearly anywhere in the world.