ECCO's 'Soft 7 Woven' Shoes are Ideal for the Hot Summer Weather

 - May 24, 2018
ECCO has been readying for the change in seasons with a series of new designs, with its Soft 7 Woven slip-ons for men being one of the latest styles to emerge.

The shoes come in a Mahogany colorway, which is countered by sleek white soles that lend a modern edge to the design. Made from ECCO's nappa leather, the shoes have a vintage aesthetic that offers a classic feel that's highly versatile. This enables the slip-ons to be worn for both casual and formal occasions, as they can easily be dressed up and down. Additionally, the brand's Fluidform Technology gives the shoes plenty of cushioning, while creating a durable and flexible outsole that bends with the wearer's feet.