The Jokari Soda Bottle Keeper Preserves the Freshness of Drinks

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: amazon & coolshitibuy
Opening a large bottle of soda means having to consume it in one sitting in order to ensure it's as fizzy as possible, but the Jokari Soda Bottle Keeper aims to end this. Working with any plastic soda bottle, the device works by being placed on top and being pumped in order to preserve the carbonation of your favorite fizzy drinks. When you want to have a glass of the drink, the topper flips open to make it easy to do so and reseal the bottle without ever having to take the device fully off.

The Jokari Soda Bottle Keeper is ideal for keeping sparkling beverages fizzy for several weeks at a time to let you enjoy them over a longer period rather than all at once.