The ‘6 Types of Social Media Personas’ Chart

 - Jun 27, 2012
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The ‘6 Types of Social Media Personas’ infographic tries to divvy up the playing field given the popularity boom of networking platforms. With everybody trying to jump on the bandwagon, the net is really an odd mix.

You probably notice that there are many people using Facebook these days -- your Mom, your friend’s pet, your boss -- and there are people with differing activity habits such as the notorious spammer, the picture uploader and the one who never uses it. The infographic splits the population up into the No Shows, Newcomers, Onlookers, Cliquers, Mix-n-Minglers and the Sparks. Detailing the demographic that usually falls within each category, some marketing insight is gained. Since each group participates in differing degrees of online activity, companies may be better informed which outlets to reach out to their target market on.