These Social Media Coasters are Perfect for Millennials

 - Dec 15, 2013
References: fancy
These Social Media Coasters have your favorite chat acronyms affixed on them. The set of four includes classic phrases in their short-form: LOL (Laugh out loud,) OMG (Oh My God,) WTF (What The F**K,) and "FAIL." Considering how important social networking is to Gen Y, these rubberized, reusable coasters are a perfect statement piece for your party pad. Sure, millennials get a bad rap for being smartphone-obsessed; but rather than try to fight the stereotype, why not embrace it?

Your friends will surely get a kick out of these fun coasters at your next get-together. As long as you don't start using the acronyms in real-life conversation, they're a fun ode to your social media obsession.