Trend Hunter’s Research Advisor Courtney Scharf Discusses Social Media Bartering

 - May 23, 2014
As social media marketing becomes increasingly integrated into agencies’ strategies, social media bartering—or using social media platforms as payment—is starting to take off. Trend Hunter’s Research Advisor and Editor Courtney Scharf discusses her favorite ways brands are engaging consumers with social selling.

One popular way this is being done is when a consumer can pay with a tweet. One example of this was a Marc Jacobs pop-up shop at New York Fashion week, where the fashion forward could get the word out and pay with a Twitter status update. Oscar Mayer also launched a campaign where you could lease their iconic Wienermobile by using the hashtag Tweet2Lease.

Another company is capitalizing on the ‘food porn’ trend, where people upload Instagram pictures of their food. El Burro installed a Dinnercam Instagram station so people could pay for and post their meals.