Corissa Koopmans, Senior Market Research Manager at Microsoft

 - Mar 1, 2017
References: microsoft
Corissa Koopmans works as a Senior Market Research Manager at Microsoft, where her role specifically deals with social intelligence and tracking sentiments on social media. She recently spoke with Trend Hunter about the importance of innovation and creativity in both her personal and professional life.

How does your team generate ideas and do you have certain rituals to make creativity happen?

We’re a really small team so we found out that when we have the time just to sit together and to brainstorm, so many ideas come out. We have many different types of people on the team so I think the diversity really ignites the brainstorming and new ideas because everyone’s coming from unique backgrounds.

What are some barriers to innovation and how do you get around them?

There are definitely barriers when you work for a really big company, I think sometimes things don’t move quite as quickly as you would like. But you get around them by having perseverance. For example, I wanted to incorporate a new way to visualize social data, and at first no one was really on board, but I kept at it, partnered with another team who had a similar vision and now we have eight customized dashboards in place and are continuing to come up with new and innovative ways to view social data.

Do you have specific rituals for resetting to be creative?

Honestly I’m a big believer in, personally and professionally, doing yoga and meditating. One of the biggest inhibitors of creativity is holding on to the past; however, yoga helps me to reset, let go of any negativity and start new.

What are some examples of things you can do to create a culture of innovation?

It’s amazing how much innovation is going on at Microsoft and sometimes the communication between departments is just not there. Sharing knowledge and partnering with other departments is critical.

Describe the future, what will your industry look like in the next 5-10 years?

We have such an amazing leader in Satya and I am very excited to see where he takes us in the next 5-10 years. We will be empowering people to achieve more though personal computing, building a more intelligent cloud, and reinventing productivity.