Sobrr Encourages Living in the Moment by Deleting Content After 24 Hours

 - Aug 1, 2014
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Looking back on your old social media posts may make you shake your head at some of the messages or photos you once shared, and as much as it's fun to document great experiences, the Sobrr app is about living in the now.

With the free-to-download Sobrr iOS app, you can build up a network of friends, share photos and chat—but you'll have to start from scratch again every 24 hours, as the app starts fresh with a clean slate each day. The app encourages being impulsive, egging users on to do that thing they've always dreamed of doing, or moving on from friendships to meet new and exciting groups of people every day. However, if you really do bond with some other people with a zest for adventure, it's possible to add them as permanent members to your "Crew."