The ‘Snowbird Ornithopter' by Todd Reichart Makes Man Fly

 - Sep 23, 2010
References: ctv & physorg
The ‘Snowbird Ornithopter’ by Todd Reichart is the world’s first effective human-powered aircraft. Enabling man to fly has been a long-time fantasy dating back to ancient mythology, and inspiring innovative work by Leonardo da Vinci two millennia later. Finally, 500 years after the great genius devised his flying contraption, this groundbreaking invention has taken flight, thanks to the brains of a student from the University of Toronto.

Working on his PhD in Aerospace Engineering, Reichart has developed this 42kg one-man glider with a wingspan of 32m, able to sustain flight for almost a minute. The ‘Snowbird Ornithopter’ by Todd Reichart has truly made history.