Nostalgia Electrics Snacks on a Stick Maker

 - Dec 20, 2012
Nostalgia Electrics is now offering a Snacks on a Stick Maker just in time for the busiest hosting season of the year.

During Christmas, it can get a little daunting when trying to figure out fun new foods to serve your guests. Chips and dip just don't cut it anymore, and serving everyone turkey-centric appetizers can get tired too. Snacks on a Stick can provide some creative refuge for stifled hosts by not only providing interesting snacks, but also an easy to use activity for your guests to, dare we suggest, make their own.

Nostalgia Electrics is offering the Snacks on a Stick Maker on Amazon for only $20.50. It basically acts as a non-stick grill oven great for making corn dogs, but also useful for fruit-infused pastries.