Green Ratio is a Concept for Measuring Ingredients in a Smoothie Mix

 - Jul 12, 2014
References: & thedieline
Green Ratio is a fictive brand developed by graphic designer Francesco Bianchi that revolves around the idea that the perfect smoothie mix can be created using something like the golden ratio and math.

When ordering a mixed fruit smoothie, you have a general idea of what ingredients were used in the recipe, but you can only guess the quantities used based on the flavors that taste the strongest. In order to better communicate the amounts of each fruit that go into each drink, the Green Ratio's labeling system breaks down the components of each drink. For example, one very citrusy smoothie could contain 52% pineapple, 25% kiwi, 12% orange and 10% lemon. These ratios are also represented on the gradients of the drink cups, showing the balance of ingredients that blended to make the perfect beverage.