Wildway's Drink Blends Encourage Restoration, Relaxation and More

Wildway recently launched an all-new line of functional smoothie bowl mixes that are packed with probiotics, adaptogenic ingredients and herbs. In terms of taste, the flavors are neutral, meaning that they can be easily tailored to one's individual taste with preferred smoothie add-ins.

The Wildway Smoothie Bowl Starter Mixes are offered in four types: Restore, Recover, Relax and Recharge. As function-focused smoothie blends, each variety has been meticulously crafted with specific ingredients. While the Recharge mix contains caffeine from guarana seed and added acetyl L-carnitine, the Relax mix boasts soothing chamomile, lemon balm and green tea. On each package, three key ingredients are called out with graphic symbols.

Beyond nutrition, many consumers are now interested in exploring the health-enhancing roles of specific foods, especially adaptogenic herbs and superfoods.