SMINT: Hello, My Name is...

 - May 15, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
How about approaching someone cute you'd like to get closer to and introducing yourself with, "Hello, my name is Onion"? I would say, you would be one lonely person. That is the witty approach of this new SMINT breath mints campaign that uses "Hello, my name is.." party tags to reflect what your breath smells like.

The print ads show guys and girls dressed to the nines, all smiles and ready to mingle and have fun. In addition to Onion, other names include unpleasant smells such as Tobacco and Whiskey. But with name tags like these, who would want to stand close to you, unless, of course, they were wearing, "Hello, my name is garlic"; then you could make a salad together!

I like the concept, it's fun and to the point. Also, there is something about the vibrant colors and fashion style of these print ads that appeals to me.

The campaign is created by DDB Barcelona, Spain with creative directors David Pérez, Bernat Sanromà and art director Marta Monsarro.