The Smile Alarm Clock Forces Owners to Wake Up Early & Happy

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: kimjungwoo & yankodesign
Unless you’re a morning person, I’m sure most people wake up grumpy—that is unless you have the Smile Alarm Clock.

The Smile Alarm Clock is a morning alert that was designed by Kim Jungwoo, Ju Yongjun, Lee Jongmoo and Kim Taehwan. So far, people have seen the likes of alarm clocks that forces you to shoot at a target and answer trivia questions just to shut it up. This one works a little different though because instead of going through all that trouble, all you have to do is smile at it. There’s a sensor and a camera on the gadget that will determine if you’re happy enough at a grueling 7am wakeup call. That means no half-smiles; so if you really want to get the alarm to stop, you better pray you’re not hungover from the night before.