SmartPlate Tracks and Analyzes The Food Placed on It

 - May 6, 2015
References: kickstarter & theverge
There are tons of apps and online tools for keeping tabs on a diet plan, but SmartPlate is a device that aims to get rid of the need to manually enter this kind of information.

Using an algorithm, the intelligent plate is able to identify what sits on its surface with 99% accuracy. As well as being able to detect food types, the plate is also able to sense weight, which is useful for making notes on how fast a person is consuming what's on the plate. Data collected and sent to the cloud can be retrieved through an app, which keeps tabs on portion control and consumption of macronutrients.

The SmartPlate is designed for use with most diary and fitness tracker apps, providing an effortless way to make sure that your diet is well-rounded in variety and the right size in quantity.