Smartlight Electrofluidics Direct Light Where Its Needed

 - Feb 18, 2014
References: & cleantechnica
Light can penetrate the deepest, darkest crevices of a building thanks to the SmartLight electrofluidics lenses. The SmartLight is a grid made of millimeter size fluid cells that change shape when electrically stimulated via power coming from tiny, embedded, solar cells. By mounting this grid near the top of existing windows, light can be reflected, or conducted through, at various angles, putting the light where it's needed. SmartLight can be controlled wirelessly, and is therefore ideally suited to being controlled by a smartphone app.

This has the potential to totally change the approach to lighting. According to Anton Harfmann, Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati's school of architecture and interior design, "The SmartLight technology would be groundbreaking. It would be game changing. This would change the equation for energy. It would change the way buildings are designed and renovated. It would change the way we would use energy and deal with the reality of the sun."

One main downside? The name, SmartLight, is too common and already used by other light technologies.