This Smart Trash Can Will Gladly Take Whatever You Throw at It

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: news.cnet & bitrebels
Here's a smart trash can that will gladly take whatever you throw at it.

I mean that literally. This design for Japanese engineer Minoru Kurata will actually move around the room to catch the trash you throw at it. If you're not an NBA superstar and tend to miss the wastebasket like I do, then this is an awesome invention. The smart trash can is accomplished by connecting an Xbox Kinect sensor to the wall. The Kinect reads the user's motions, sends the data to a PC which wirelessly transfers the data to the smart trash can. The wastebasket then predicts where the trash bin should be located to catch the flying garbage.

The smart trash can is still a work in progress, as seen by some rather funny failures in the video, but the concept is really cool. The future of trash cans in upon us, folks.