Blu Cig's Smart Pack Brings Smokers Together

 - Apr 21, 2011
References: blucigs & fastcompany
Blu Cig, an e-cigarette company hopes to create the first social network for smokers with its new Smart Pack. The Smart Pack is a tech-savvy e-cigarette pack that helps you find and interact with other Blu Cig smokers near you.

The Smart Pack is being designed with a sensor that could detect other smokers up to 50 feet away. While 50 feet may not sound like a long range, when you consider that most bars are bunched up together and smokers are forced to smoke on the same strips of sidewalk, it is actually pretty generous. The packs would also have status indicators saying things like "Leave me alone" and "I'm single."

I'm no fan of smoking, but I do think that Blu Cig's Smart Pack is a brilliant idea. It would encourage more people to switch to e-cigarettes, which would hopefully help more smokers quit.