NanoTouch's Smart Materials Keep Public Touchscreens & Buttons Sanitary

 - Dec 19, 2018
References: nanoseptic & prnewswire
NanoTouch Materials introduced an innovation in smart materials that will help to protect travelers from germs in hotels, airports and other public places. The all-new self-cleaning film by NanoTouch can be used on everything from touchscreens and check-in kiosks to elevator buttons, helping to continuously upkeep cleanliness and address health-related travel concerns.

This new film product adds to NanoTouch's current assortment, which also includes award-winning self-cleaning mats for personal use on airplane tray tables and hotel rooms, as well as ultra-durable self-cleaning mats that protect the most commonly used portions of TSA security bins.

In the same way that many people are embracing at-home automated sanitation solutions, public-facing companies are similarly investing in consumers' well-being and peace of mind with self-sufficient alternatives to traditional cleaning services.