The Goldfinger Smart Glove Allows For Sustainable Gesture Control

The Goldfinger smart glove is a wearable device, invented by a group of scientists hailing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy, that is capable of powering itself whilst offering gesture control functionality.

This particular smart glove is embedded with a number of mechanical and electronic parts that are hidden inside the fabric. This gives the glove the appearance of any regular glove. It is designed to be more comfortable to wear than other smart gloves, while its simple setup makes it easy to key in data.

This smart glove harnesses the power of gesture control to give workers in industrial, medical and virtual reality environments the ability to enjoy advanced training and workflow.

The Goldfinger proves that wearable technology is about far more than gaming and multimedia environment, but could have palpable applications in industrial settings.