The World's Smallest Cup of Coffee Was Made Using Just One Bean

 - Apr 25, 2017
References: lucaszanotto & laughingsquid
Artist Lucas Zanotto was tasked by Finish coffee company Paulig with creating the world's smallest cup of coffee. Zanotto was up to the challenge and shot a video for Paulig of the creation process. He started with a single bean, filing it down and putting the grounds into a tiny filter. From there he heated a tiny tin of water over a candle. Once the water was boiling Zanotto poured it over the little filter, with the coffee dripping into a miniature glass jar.

The end result was the smallest cup of coffee ever made and a wildly successful ad. The inventive video has been making the rounds on the Internet, exposing people who never even knew Finland had a company to Paulig. Now the question becomes: Which company will try to snatch the record from Paulig and Zanotto for the world's smallest cup of coffee?