The 'Slow TV' Series is Now Available on Netflix

 - Aug 6, 2016
References: & thenextweb
The Norwegian television series called 'Slow TV' is antithetical to the majority of television programming available on major American networks. Rather than constantly striving for viewers' attentions with high-speed chases, sexy scenes, and dramatic cliffhangers, Slow TV's episodes last hours and depict things like the scenery from a train ride or elderly people knitting. But while the show was previously reserved for Norwegians, a new Netflix deal is bringing Slow TV to living rooms worldwide.

The concept of monotonous TV has been compared to ambient music; it's not about being captivating, but rather about zoning out and calming down. If calmness is the goal, then Slow TV's catalog is perfect: it includes a real-time video of a 7.5 hour train ride from Bergen to Oslo, three 7.5 hour segments of firewood burning, and three 7.5 hour segments of people knitting.