The Recycled 'Kukulkan' Piece Resembles Quetzalcoatl Serpents

 - Jun 23, 2009   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: designboom
At first glance, the 'Kukulkan' art project looks like a bunch of slithering snakes hanging from the ceiling. The dangling mess was actually created by using old tires, steel and bronze.

Guatemalan artist Dario Escobar was inspired by the story of a red Quetzalcoatl, the mythical plumed serpent.

Check out the gallery to see more pictures of the intertwined, snake-looking tire art.

Implications - Mythology and fiction are full of evocative images that stir up the imagination; using such provocative and intriguing in advertising helps companies to connect with their customers. When your ultimate goal is to entertain and fascinate your viewers and prospective customers, drawing from rich cultural inspirations is a solid bet.