The Slingshot Purifier is an Easy Way to Achieve Clean Water

 - Aug 25, 2013
References: science.howstuffworks & enpundit
In developing countries, there is desperate need for clean drinking water, and the Slingshot purifier may be the solution.

A majority of sickness is developed as a result of unclean water. It is horrifying to think of how many people do not have access to this basic human necessity. Inventor Dean Kamen thinks that he may have an easy, and accessible solution to these problems.

The Slingshot works by boiling the water and producing it into steam. This steam then gets turned back into distilled water, and then it is okay to drink. They have implemented this purifier in 15 different places throughout Ghana, and so far the results have been amazing.

Kamen thinks that it would be easy to install this system in other places around the world that are in dire need of clean water. The Slingshot purifier may be the revolutionary tool need in order to ensure that no human goes thirsty again.