The Monococon 'Boisboite' Leather Wooden Sling Bag is Ornate

 - Aug 8, 2017
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
Bags are often crafted from leather, but the Monococon 'Boisboite' Leather Wooden Sling Bag looks to incorporate an unexpected material into the mix that could come as a shock to some. The bag is crafted from premium white oak wood and features a leather flap on the top, which makes it an ornate and ultra-modern accessory to use as a method to carry your essentials in.

The Monococon 'Boisboite' Leather Wooden Sling Bag can be preordered in your choice of leather flap color including white, fuchsia and blue that is accented against the natural tan shade. The bags are fully adjustable and are comfortable enough to be worn across the body or rested on the shoulder to suit your individual needs.