Flyers Should Be Prepared for Sleeping in Airports in Case of Delays

 - Dec 16, 2012
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Sleeping in airports sounds sketchy but sometimes, it's unavoidable, especially when the stormy weather causes delays and cancellations.

Based on an annual poll, the 'Your Guide to Sleeping in an Airport' infographic reveals the top ten most sleeper-friendly airports in the world with two in Canada and three in Asia. Despite the rankings, this is no reason for flyers to not to be diligent about their belongings and surroundings. Frequent flyers may have experienced severe delays or flights on call and have packed the necessary items for sleeping in airports. Things like sleep inducers, towels, wet wipes and snacks are all essentials for a relatively more comfortable night.

They key, however, to getting a good rest while waiting for the plane is to get the good spots near a plug and comfy chair.