These Sleeping Bags for Homeless People are Lightweight and Reflective

 - Jan 28, 2016
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Ireland-based science student Emily Duffy recently unveiled these sleeping bags for homeless people, which are both water and fire-resistant, as well as lightweight.

For this year's 'Young Scientist' event, Duffy designed this sleeping bag that ensures homeless people are warm and dry during snowy or rainy weather conditions. The bags are made from waterproof, lightweight metallic bubble wrap. While the bags ensure warmth with materials that retian heat, they are also reflective, enhancing safety.

Duffy decided to design sleeping bags for homeless because she "wanted to develop a sleeping bag that would solve some of the problems with existing cloth bags." The design is titled the 'Duffily Bag' and can be used by both homeless people as well as those living in impoverished nations.