Skye Kelly Uses Toffee to Articulate the Aesthetics of Transition

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: sweet-station
When most people think of toffee, they imagine the delicious sugar treat that melts in your mouth, but Skye Kelly is not most people. This artist hears toffee and thinks of the potential it has for art.

Her sculptures revolve around the transition between solid objects into a gelatinous pile of goo. The visual aesthetics of her installation borders between the accidental and the carefully observed. Her piece entitled 'Creep (Strain)' is composed of an overhanging fixture that slowly drips a waterfall of liquid toffee. The folds and constantly evolving status of the structure makes the piece a study in the art of change and new perspectives.

Rather than looking at Kelly's artwork as something that is established and set, the audience will find the beauty comes through the constant shift in appearance and form.