The ZGlove

 - Oct 23, 2008
References: thezglove
I just saw the Zglove at a materials technology conference. It’s a new fabric called Mesh Dryflex that has a 4-way stretch, so it basically acts like a second skin. 

But unlike your regular skin, this one comes in a variety of colors and has some enhanced abilities—quick dry & wicks moisture, is SPF 50, is anti-bacterial so can be placed over a wound to keep it contained in a medical emergency, and it is quite resilient, so is great at wound prevention, especially in rough sports like Football and Hockey.

At first I thought is was like thermal underwear, but actually it’s just the opposite. It is meant to keep you cool in dry and hot climates and under extreme performance conditions, like playing basketball or volleyball all day in the sun. And the finger-free design allows you to maintain use of your digits. 

Suntan lotion just wont cut it any more in the age of super material technology.