True Botanicals' Skin Exfoliator is to Be Added to One's Cleanser

 - Jan 28, 2017
References: truebotanicals
'Polishing Grains' is a unique skin exfoliator from True Botanicals that does not take the form of most conventional beauty scrubs.

As its name suggests, Polishing Grains is truly made up of super fine grains that are meant to be added to one's cleanser to clear sebum, dirt, grime and other impurities from the pores. The product comes out of the bottle as a fine powder that can be customized to one's liking. For a gentle cleansing scrub, True Botanicals recommends using "two to three shakes" to dispense the product onto the palm before blending it with one's desired cleanser.

The ingredients include soothing Kaolin clay, or "Chinese clay," to minimize shine and moisturize, adzuki bean powder, vitamin-rich rosehip seed powder, as well as rice powder and oat flour.