The Aquatadeus Skin Care Line is Friendly and Effective

 - Feb 26, 2017
References: trndmonitor
Personal care products are often quite clinical and cold, so the Aquatadeus skin care line aims to change this with a personable branding design.

The branding for Aquatadeus is the design work of Moodley Brand Identity and Britta Fuchs, and focuses on handwritten messages that are emblazoned on each of the individual products. This makes them lighthearted, carefree and more like the product is a friend over a simple personal care product to establish a relationship.

The Aquatadeus skin care line takes an optimistic approach to caring for one's skin and aims to make self-confidence one of the unspoken ingredients in the branding endeavor. This creates an emotional connection with the consumer to establish trust in the product.