These Sizzling Plates Prepare Your Food Without Distracting You From Guests

 - Jan 26, 2014
References: & steakstones
The SteakStones Sizzling Plate Set is perfect for when you’re trying to make a steak inside, but all the festivities and mingling are going on outside.

The Steakstone Sizzling Plate is made from hardened lava, which absorbs heat and transfers it to and throughout your food. These marbled slabs, which reach temperatures of 540 to 665 degrees Fahrenheit, are placed on top of bamboo holding trays. You can place meats and veggies on the heated slab, and bring it outside -- or wherever you need to be -- and interact simultaneously while cooking.

The SteakStone plates cook all types of meat, seafood and even vegetables to your standards.  A full entree can be completed with no time wasted thanks to SteakStones that bring you form and functionality for a perfect dinner, every time.