The SingNshock Delivers a Few Millivolts to Jolt You Out of Bed

 - Jan 9, 2013
References: sankalpsinha & yankodesign
According to many people, the prospect of being late to work isn't enough of a deterrent against hitting the snooze button on your wake-up call. The SingNshock proposes a new method for reviving you from your slumber by means of delivering an electrical pulse.

It begins when you program Sankalp Sinha's colorful touchscreen alarm clock with 32 gigabytes of your favorite music. At rising time, the device plays the selected track through its high quality speakers in the rear, keeping the audio going until the user presses the large off switch on top.

Interestingly, one optional feature of this big button is to administer a surge of electricity in through the user's fingertips. The SingNshock initiates neurological functions and jump-starts your body for a productive day ahead.