The Single Hand Socket Strip Lets You Unplug in One Easy Motion

 - Mar 9, 2011
References: yankodesign
The Single Hand Socket Strip is the latest technological gadget that's perfect for those who are feeling lazy.

The Single Hand Socket Strip is designed by Zhao Zhaohui with one purpose: helping you unplug with ease. Much like its name suggests, the outlet basically lets you pull out the plugs effortlessly with one hand. No worries though, because while you may think it'll damage the product, this socket guarantees that no harm will be done to the head or the wires. This is made possible with its tabs that allow you to slide out effortlessly.

Overall, if you can't bother bending over, or going on your knees to unplug, the Single Hand Socket Strip will pretty much solve that problem. Even though it remains a concept at the moment, there's no doubt that it'll make it big should it ever become a reality.